The Vital Team

Missy and Rob

About Missy and Rob the founders of The Vital Stretch

We have been in the field of healthcare for a very long time–some would say we are “seasoned practitioners”. In fact, we continue to be hands-on and treat our patients with some of the very same methods we are passing along to our Vital Stretch clients. Treating injuries for the past 20+ and 25+ years respectively as a Physical Therapist and Chiropractor, we have a thorough understanding of how the body responds to different stretching techniques depending on what the goals of that person are. We love it because it has helped us as we age and try to stay fit with our busy lifestyle keeping up with our 4 kids and 2 doggies!
The Vital Stretch was born of going back to some of the basic concepts of movement and elongation. With our appreciation of the body’s interactive kinetic chain and our passion for helping people feel better, we have put together a superior method for any body out there–young, middle-aged and old alike! We just love how our combination of both simple and progressive hands-on techniques will make you feel both relaxed and re-energized when you get off the table!

About Evan

I learned the importance of stretching at a young age when I was competing in track and field. Stretching was the only relief I found to help me in recovery from my workouts. I now take the approach of “Our bodies need to be in motion”. Since becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist and working with Missy as a PT Aide as part of the rehab team, I have learned a great deal more about the human body and how the healing process occurs following an injury. Also having my certification in PREP (Post Rehab Exercise Program), I understand the importance of continued movement and whole body exercise for continued wellness. When Rob and Missy approached me about joining The Vital Stretch team, it was simply a no-brainer for me to get behind and dedicate my life’s work to helping people feel better by means of stretching for increased wellness!