The Vital Team

Missy and Rob

About Missy and Rob the founders of The Vital Stretch

We have been in the field of healthcare for a very long time–some would say we are “seasoned practitioners”. In fact, we continue to be hands-on and treat our patients with some of the very same methods we are passing along to our Vital Stretch clients. Treating injuries for the past 20+ and 25+ years respectively as a Physical Therapist and Chiropractor, we have a thorough understanding of how the body responds to different stretching techniques depending on what the goals of that person are. We love it because it has helped us as we age and try to stay fit with our busy lifestyle keeping up with our 4 kids and 2 doggies!
The Vital Stretch was born of going back to some of the basic concepts of movement and elongation. With our appreciation of the body’s interactive kinetic chain and our passion for helping people feel better, we have put together a superior method for any body out there–young, middle-aged and old alike! We just love how our combination of both simple and progressive hands-on techniques will make you feel both relaxed and re-energized when you get off the table!


I learned the importance of stretching at a young age when I was competing in track - Stretching was the only relief I found to help me in recovery from my workouts. I now take the approach of "Our bodies need to be in motion". Since becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist and being involved with the AHP rehab team, I have learned a lot about the body and how the healing process occurs following an injury. With my certification in PREP (Post Rehab Exercise Program) I have incorporated continued movement and the significance of whole body exercise for continued wellness. When Rob and Missy approached me about The Vital Stretch, it was simply a no brainer to get behind and continue to dedicate my life's work to get people feeling better by means of stretching and getting people to move!



Growing up I’ve always been an advocate of health and fitness. I was drawn to fitness early in life. Being physically active at a young age allowed me to see all the positive transformations that come with being healthy. I quickly developed a passion to help others engage in healthier lifestyles. After obtaining a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and a Personal Training certification with ACSM, I was able to take action, and help motivate people to discover their best selves through fitness. My first interaction with the Vital Stretch team was at a 5k event. Both, Rob and Missy, gave me a phenomenal stretching experience. They explained the specialized and unique techniques they use to make their stretching sessions more efficient and longer lasting. Immediately, I became interested in joining the team. I'm excited to share my experiences and skills, as well as bringing a safe, effective and enjoyable experience to you



As a CSP [Certified Stretch Practitioner] my drive is to bring overall wellness to your body not only through assisted stretching but with positivity, encouragement, and my passion for helping others. In my personal life, being able to run after my daughter has become a breeze after incorporating stretching into my day-to-day life. When I was approached to be a part of The Vital Stretch team it was an absolute honor. Being a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and running my own group exercise classes has helped tremendously in executing our highly successful Vital Stretch Classes. The human body is a very unique thing and we only get one so it’s our job to take good care of it.



Flexibility and recovery were some of the first concepts I learned when I was competing in Folkstyle wrestling in high school. We needed to flexible to get out submissions and we needed to learn how to recover after difficult practices. These concepts were drilled into my mind and shaped how I approach workouts and overall relief. Since becoming an ACSM Personal Trainer, I have been constantly learning about the human body, analyzing motions in sports and daily activities to achieve my goal in helping others make their goals in health and wellness. Becoming a Certified Stretch Practitioner at The Vital Stretch with Missy and Rob was clearly the best choice in furthering my goal!



I try to find balance in my life and stretching is a huge part of keeping myself in check! As a former gymnast, I understand the importance of stretching as both a preparation and recovery tool, and it also made me understand the benefit of having assistance in deepening those stretches. Joining The Vital Stretch team taught me to take a more client-directed approach to the muscles I learned about while getting my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. When I can take the time out of my day to do even just one healthy activity such as stretching, I feel that much more accomplished in my own wellness! I love that my position as a Certified Stretch Practitioner allows me to help people on their road to whatever their wellness goals maybe!


I've always been an active individual and have learned that in order to keep up with my workouts, I must stretch before and even after a workout. Stretching allows me to have proper form, prevent an injury, and have a better recovery which is something that I strive to pass on to others when creating new goals and healthier lifestyles. After obtaining my Masters in Exercise & Sports Science, and working in a Rehabilitation Department as a Physical Therapy Aid, I've gained a better understanding of the human body when injured and the steps needed to begin the healing process. I am also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, which has allowed me to be a better fitness professional with greater knowledge of body mechanics and movements. When Rob and Missy approached me about becoming a member of The Vital Stretch team, I knew it was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up. In my role as a Certified Stretch Practitioner, I'm able to bring more balance into each individual’s sessions when they are being stretched along with creating a sense of happiness and relaxation for them.