Move Freely. Live Fully.

Improve how you move with one-on-one assisted stretching.

Visit The Vital Stretch® in Fairfield County, Connecticut and get:

✓ Tailored-to-you Techniques

✓ Vital Stretch Practitioners™

✓ Easy Scheduling

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Is lack of movement limiting you?

How well we move impacts how well we live. Tight muscles, pain, aging, and injuries can restrict our movement and limit our lives.

When you're tight, nothing else goes right.

We're here to help.

Feel looser, lighter, and fully alive.

One-on-one assisted stretching with a Vital Stretch Practitioner eases tight muscles, extends range of motion, oxygenates blood, increases energy and heightens mental and physical performance. All you have to do is breathe.

No matter your age, lifestyle or fitness level...

The Vital Stretch® Method supports:

Everyday Ease

✓ Expand range of motion

✓ Move lighter and looser

✓ Flex away stress

Peak Performance

✓ Enhance performance

✓ Overcome limits

✓ Achieve faster flow movement

Everyday Ease

Graceful Aging

✓ Stay active longer

✓ Live well at any age

✓ Relieve stiffness & soreness

Injury Recovery

✓ Recover faster

✓ Recover more fully

✓ Prevent future injuries

How It Works

no. 1

Strap In.

Our custom-engineered tables, straps, and tools allow for Active Isolated Stabilization (AIS), a technique for deeper relaxation and results.

No 02

Let Loose.

Your Vital Stretch Practitioner will blend dynamic movement, static holds, and press-and-release (PNF) stretching to release any tight muscles, tense fascia and stiff joints.

Say Ahhh.

Get up off the table and feel ahhhmazing.

Pick Your Stretch space

Norwalk Studio

Private Studio Inside Advanced Health Professionals


Dedicated Studio in the Heart of SoNo

Stamford Studio

Conveniently found inside the mActivity Fitness Center

The Vital Stretch Team Photo

We’re a family of stretch enthusiasts who love to help our clients move freely, so they can live fully.

Meet the Team

The Vital Stretch was born at the crossroads of Physical Therapy and Chiropractic work. Having treated injuries as a Physical Therapist and Chiropractor for a combined 50+ years, Missy and Rob know how the body responds to different stretching techniques and combined their know-how into the advanced progressions and techniques known as The Vital Stretch Method.

These custom techniques require expert practitioners, so standards for our Vital Stretch Practitioners™ (VSPc) are extremely high. We seek out practitioners with degrees in kinesiology and exercise science, licensed massage therapists and/or personal trainers holding top level certifications through NASM, ISSA, ACE, ACSM.

Vital Stretch members are moving freely and living fully.

Assisted stretching is the new natural pain reliever

The Vital Stretch is Best Known For:

  • Tailored-to-you techniques
  • Vital Stretch Practitioners™ (VSPc) trained to perfect your stretch
  • Custom-engineered AIS equipment
  • Advanced progressions for lasting results
  • Friendly, focused attention
  • Full, effective stretches
Based on 13 reviews.
Sharon Rosenblatt
Sharon Rosenblatt
Outstanding service. I feel like a new person. Evan is funny, professional, and very very effective.
Carolina Maldonado
Carolina Maldonado
Nice, relaxing atmosphere. Evan always makes stretching so worth it.
Stephanie Herrmann
Stephanie Herrmann
A wonderful and well needed appointment was outstanding from start to finish. My stretch was amazing. The staff was professional. I’d encourage anyone to schedule an appointment.
Renato Pignataro
Renato Pignataro
Awesome stretch ,Evan does a great job.place is clean and staff is nice I highly recommended it.
Weverson Ponte
Weverson Ponte
Beautiful and colorful environment with a super friendly staff. All of the stretch techs are super welcoming, comforting and extremely professional. Every time I go I leave feeling like revitalized. Indefinitely recommend this stretching experience over any old boring stretch place.
Ashley Cheah
Ashley Cheah
The Vital Stretch team has been very consistent, attentive and diligent in everything they do. From confirming appointments, to checking in, to the session itself and all the extra amenities offered. So far I have been stretched by Evan, Dimitri and Kadeem. All are very good and courteous. I will recommend them to all of my friends/family/peers.

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