Move Freely. Live Fully.

Improve how you move with one-on-one assisted stretching.
Visit The Vital Stretch® and get:
✓ Tailored-to-you Techniques
✓ Vital Stretch Practitioners
✓ Easy Scheduling

No matter your age, lifestyle or fitness level...

The Vital Stretch® Method supports:

Everyday Ease

Everyday Ease

✓ Flex away stress

✓ Expand range of motion

✓ Move lighter and looser
Peak Performance

Peak Performance

✓ Enhance performance
✓ Overcome limits
✓ Achieve faster flow movement
Graceful Aging

Graceful Aging

✓ Stay active longer
✓ Live well at any age
✓ Relieve stiffness & soreness
Injury Recovery

Injury Recovery

✓ Recover faster
✓ Recover more fully
✓ Prevent future injuries

We're elevating assisted stretching

The Vital Stretch Method uses static stretching, dynamic stretching, and targeted mobility for deeper, more relaxing stretches

Safe & effective ...
Our Clinical Foundation

Designed by Clinicians
The Vital Stretch Method is the brainchild of two clinicians committed to helping their patients recover from injuries, improve mobility, and regain their full range of motion. They invested years into hands-on patient work, refining their stretching sequences before ever opening an assisted stretching studio. The method, centered around customization, arms our certified Vital Stretch Practitioners (VSPs) with tools to implement innovative techniques such as static stretching, dynamic stretching, and targeted mobility. It's a difference you'll feel from our very first stretch.
Vital Signs Technology takes 3D video and photos of your range of motion, functional movements, and posture.

Tailored-to-You ...
Vital Signs technology

One-size stretching does not fit all.
No cookie-cutter stretching here. We go the extra mile to understand your body's unique composition. Our Vital Signs technology is a 3D imaging system that reads posture, range of motion, and functional movements, so your VSP can tailor your stretch for optimal results. We'll measure your progress to make each stretch session as effective as possible.
Semi-private stretch spaces help you relax and tune into your body for best results.

Elevated Experience ...
Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-private? Yes please!
We designed our boutique studio space to give you a little extra privacy during your stretch session. Our semi-private stretch spaces help you shift your attention from what's happening in the room and focus on how each stretch feels in your body.

We're here to help.

Feel looser, lighter, and fully alive.
One-on-one assisted stretching with a Vital Stretch Practitioner eases tight muscles, extends range of motion, oxygenates blood, increases energy and heightens mental and physical performance. All you have to do is breathe.
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Our mission

We're on a mission to help people of any age or lifestyle move freely and live fully.

Our core values


We live in possibility,
not predicatability.


Movement is
our medicine.


We transform

Our "No BS" pledge

Our memberships are super flexible (pun intended). No hidden fees. No long-term commitments you didn't sign up for. No pressure to upgrade. What you see is exactly what you get. We're not just about getting loose, we believe in an open, easy approach that puts you in control. So whether you're stretching with us for a month or a year, our aim is to provide you with professional service, full transparency, and the utmost respect for your choices. After all, it's your journey to freedom and movement, we're just here to assist.
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Vital Stretch members are moving freely and living fully.

-Elaine G.

“It’s so much easier having Evan do this for me. I don’t have to worry about places I can’t reach.”

-Brittany P.

"The stretches I was doing for soccer wasn't enough to also improve my swimming stroke. I tried The Vital Stretch just to check it out and it’s improved my performance no matter what I’m doing.”

-Maddy M.

“I play tennis 3 times a week and was really feeling it in my forearms. After my first stretch with Sara, I knew this was going to become a regular thing for me. I felt so good, on the court and off."

-Gary C.

“My lower back is often stiff, which can really impede my swing. Getting stretched a couple of times a month does the trick."

-Matt W.

“I have chronically tight hamstrings and hip flexors that kept me from performing at my peak. Since I added a weekly stretch session, I’ve bested my best repeatedly.”

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    Assisted stretching is the new natural pain reliever

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    Girl Walking

    Is lack of movement limiting you?

    How well we move impacts how well we live. Tight muscles, pain, aging, and injuries can restrict our movement and limit our lives.
    When you're tight, nothing else goes right.
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