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50 Minute
Assisted Stretch


Our studio is conveniently located in central Norwalk and is easily accessible from I-95 and the Merritt Parkway. We are within the Advanced Health Professionals office space.

Move Freely. Live Fully.®

Advanced Clinical Method

Our clinical foundation is key.
The Vital Stretch Method was developed by two clinicians dedicated to helping patients recover from injuries, improve mobility, and regain full range of motion. Our certified VSPs employ innovative techniques like Isolated Stabilization to tailor the stretch to your body's needs.

Tailored-to-You Stretches

One-size stretching does not fit all.
We take pride in offering a truly personalized experience that sets us apart from cookie-cutter approaches. We go the extra mile to understand your body and its unique requirements (including 3D imaging that reads posture, range of motion, and functional movements) and tailor your stretch for optimal results.

Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-private? Yes please!
We designed our boutique studio space to give you a little extra privacy during your stretch session. Our semi-private stretch spaces help you shift your attention from what's happening in the room and focus on how each stretch feels in your body.

How It Works

Strap In.

Our custom-engineered tables, straps, and tools allow for Active Isolated Stabilization (AIS), a technique for deeper relaxation and results.

Let Loose.

Your Vital Stretch Practitioner™ will blend dynamic movement, static holds, and press-and-release (PNF) stretching to release any tight muscles, tense fascia and stiff joints.

Say Ahhh.

Get up off the table and feel ahhhmazing.

Join The Movement

We're looking for fellow wellness enthusiasts to join our growing team of Vital Stretch Practitioners™.
  1. 1.
    You share our commitment to transforming lives by making a positive impact on our clients' health & wellbeing.
  2. 2.
    You have a background or strong interest in personal training, exercise sciences, and hands-on bodywork.
  3. 3.
    You pay attention to details and uphold a high standard of professional ethics, treating all clients with respect and dignity.

    7 Seated Stretches to Help You Let Loose

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