My Vital Stretch Story

Evan spent at least 10 minutes stretching out my lower body. I’ve been feeling pretty tight in my hamstrings and lower back. After Evan finished, I felt substantially looser and limber. Such a difference!
Valeria L.
When I first started, I couldn’t raise my arm and could hardly walk on my right leg. Today I can raise my arm fully. Look at me now, I’m going away to Merengue! All thanks to Evan. Thank you!
Avelina S.
I only received one stretch before but immediately after my back felt relaxed and pain-free. I also noticed that it was also easier to breathe following stretching provided by your experienced team.
Magdalena W.
Evan, after several weeks of pt and massage, my sore hamstrings and lower back, was ready for something more and the new The Vital Stretch® program being offered at AHP is Norwalk is the answer. Even after the first session, I was walking without any evident discomfort or annoyance. The relief lasted for two days and with several more sessions, I can see the relief lasting longer. I have already recommended the program to friends and family. Thanks!
Patsy S.
After a number of successful PT sessions with Missy at AHP, Evan began The Vital Stretch® work with me. I was very tight in my hamstrings, suffered from significant joint pain in my knees, and experienced very tender myofascial pain along with the IT band and medial knee. After just one Vital Stretch®, I booked additional appointments. I walked more comfortably, felt “opened-up” and for the first time in months walked down steps quickly and pain-free. Now a convert, I will be coming at least once a week for continued Vital Stretch® Sessions.
Diane J.
The Vital Stretch® is wonderful! I was having trouble with my shoulder and my stretch session helped! I looked forward to working with The Vital Stretch® again!
Melissa L.
It hurts soooo good! But don’t worry- it’s the pain at the moment that makes you feel soooo much better afterward that it keeps bringing you back again and again.
Jenna C.
I highly recommend The Vital Stretch! I have been suffering with back and leg issues and Evan and The Vital Stretch are helping me move forward. Give it a try you will feel so much better.
Renato P.