Most frequent questions and answers
We ask that you arrive about 10 minutes early so that you have time to change and check in for your appointment. Prior to your first stretch, your Certified Stretch Practitioner (CSP) will go through your intake with you. We want to be sure you have no injuries, and talk through any areas of concern you may have. We also like to perform some “before” motions so we can compare the “after” motion when you are finished! We usually make specific recommendations for stretches to perform on your own in between our sessions to keep the progress going!
Our programs were designed for everyone – the young and the old, the active and the immobile, the weekend warrior and the uber stressed. Whether you want to improve your mobility or athletic performance, decrease pain or boost your mental state, The Vital Stretch® will help you reach your goals and get back on the path to good health.

If you have an injury we advise you to seek the advice of a health care professional for clearance for assisted stretching. You may see your own practitioner or we can arrange a free education screening in person or via phone with a Physical Therapist or Chiropractic Physician at our affiliate healthcare office of Advanced Health Professionals, P.C.

Absolutely, unless your doctor advises against it. We may need to modify stretching positions and will ask for your input throughout your session regarding how you are feeling to ensure your complete level of comfort and relaxation. You can even drift off for a little snooze while we stretch you. You’ll feel that good!

Worried your stretcher will push you too far? Don’t be. We tailor each assisted stretch session to meet your individual goals and your body’s specific needs.

It is important to note that all of our Certified Stretch-Specialists are also Licensed Massage Therapists and/or hold the highest level of personal training certifications through NASM, ISSA, ACE, ACSM. Our Certified Stretch Practitioners’ advanced degrees and/or licensing gives you the confidence to put motion and stretch into your body. Ensuring you’ll feel The Vital Stretch® difference. Our method of assisted stretching is unlike any other.

You’ll be positioned on our specially designed tables allowing isolated stabilization [our advanced and a soft belting system] will be used to get you in the perfect spot.

As your tight fascia is released throughout your body, you’ll notice each stretch motion going farther as your Certified Stretch Practitioner helps you to increase your flexibility and range of motion. You will see and feel your improvement during your very first stretch. And your progress will only increase and grow from there with your future assisted stretch sessions.

Your tailored stretch program, designed by your Certified Stretch Practitioner, will consider your age, phase of life, and level of conditioning. We will never force your body into a stretch it is not ready to do.

Loose fitting clothes are the best choice to ensure your comfort (and ease of stretch) throughout the process. We require all clients to wear socks during their session. If you do not have socks, we sell them for your convenience

Because everyone deserves to be healthy and feel vital, our TVS programs are designed for anyone – the young and the old, the active and the immobile, the weekend warrior and the uber stressed. Whether you want to improve your mobility or athletic performance, decrease pain or boost your mental state, The Vital Stretch® will help you reach your goals and get you back on the path to good health and wellness.

Our TVS 2-hour and 4-hour Club Members enjoy the unique benefit of being able to share their monthly allotted stretch time with loved ones as they wish. For example, our 2-hour club members can split as much of their 2-hour monthly stretch time with one other member, like a spouse or even a room-mate. And 4-hour club members can share their time with up to 3 different people! Our club 4-hour membership is PERFECT for families looking to engage in healthy activities together. And our studio allows for multiple family-members to receive their assisted stretch sessions at the same time safely as we exceed all CDC and state guidelines for COVID-19. Now you’re saving time AND money! Learn more about our Club Memberships by clicking here.

Our TVS Club Members and TVS Bundle Pack owners enjoy true flexibility not found with other assisted stretch companies. While TVS Club Members can share their time with people they love, TVS Club Members and TVS Bundle Pack owners can take their 2,3,4, and 5 hours of monthly stretch-time and break that time up into any combination of 30, 60, and 90-minute assisted-stretch sessions.

At TVS, we truly believe you know the amount of time you want from your next stretch session to give you the recovery you need. Our decision to offer this level of complete flexibility is about what’s best for you and your health while presenting the most convenient schedule that works for you and your busy life.

We were the first to implement this incredible level of flexibility with our TVS assisted stretch clients. And while many of our stretch-competitors are now following our lead, none of them offer as many flexible hourly options for how you use your time as TVS. Whether you can devote 2, 3, 4, or 5 hours a month to your new, holistic assisted stretch commitment, you can always use your time as YOU want.

If you’re committing that level of dedication to your health and choosing us as your assisted stretch partner, the least we can do is offer you as many convenient options as possible. Want to learn more about our TVS Club Memberships and TVS Bundle Packs? Click here to discover the best option for you!