6 Healthy Things to Do While in Quarantine

March 25, 2020

6 Healthy Things to Do While in Quarantine 

Remember those days when you wished you could stay at home in your PJs? Well, your prayers were answered and then some! Now that wearing pants has become optional and your commute’s been shortened to the time it takes to walk from your bed to the couch, you may be regretting what you wished for.

Between the monotony of your new lack of routine, playing teacher to your kids, and figuring out what to make for every meal, it’s hard to figure out what to do to stay healthy (and sane).

Luckily, we’ve come up with this quick list of fun and easy things to do while in quarantine. In addition to boosting your mood, these tips will help bust boredom, preserve your sanity, and boost your immune system.

 1. Get Outside. Being cooped up isn’t good for anyone, especially when you’re stuck at home with kids. Whether you walk around the neighborhood or play a game of catch or tag in your back yard, it’s important to breathe a little fresh air (while remaining 6 feet away from others, of course). A bonus: Sunlight helps our bodies produce Vitamin D, which is a proven immune booster.

2. Plant a Garden. It’s finally spring! While it may not feel like we have a lot to celebrate at the moment, take time (we know you have a lot of it) to admire all the buds and blossoms bursting into life. Then, get down and dirty in your own garden. Order seeds online and plant them with your kids. They’ll love to watch them grow. Tip: choose quick-growing plants like beans. A bonus: According to an article published in Psychology Today, gardening helps reduce anxiety and depression.

3. Stretch. All that sitting wreaks havoc on your body. Counteract the damage with daily stretches. Choose a regular time each day to practice a few stretches. This will help normalize your routine and make you feel sooo much better. Not sure how to start? Tune in to one of our Facebook Live stretching sessions at 10 am and 6:30pm Monday through Thursday and 10am on Fridays and noon on Saturdays and Sundays. Don’t worry if you miss catching us live, you can still see (and practice along with) the videos online.

4. Move. Multiple studies have linked sedentary lifestyles with an increased risk of illnesses like Diabetes and heart disease, but what’s a person to do when he/she’s stuck in quarantine? Get up and move. Pop on the TV and follow along with an exercise video (i.e. yoga or pilates) on YouTube. Or head outside for a walk. No matter what you do, aim to get moving for a minimum of 30 minutes every day (an hour would be better). Stick to a routine to ensure you do something active daily. Extra points if you fit in exercise (i.e. a walk) multiple times a day.

5. Play! How many times have you told your kids, “not now, I’m busy; maybe later?” Now’s the perfect time to sit down and fully engage with your family. After all, we’ve been given the gift of an unscheduled break to do absolutely nothing. Play a boardgame, build a fort, challenge each other to a ping pong match, or create a scavenger hunt. No matter what you do, be sure to put down your devices so you can focus on being together and enjoying each other’s company. Plus, a study published in the journal, Pediatrics  found that playing helps build social-emotional and self-regulation skills in children. So, what are you waiting for? You’re it!

6. Binge…on shows, not junk food! Now’s the time to catch up on all those shows you’ve been meaning to watch. Here are a few of our faves to add to your must-watch list. Just be sure to take a break between episodes to stretch, do a few jumping jacks, take a walk, or get a healthy snack (we’re talking veggies, not chips!).

Watch with kids:
Finneas and Ferb (Disney +)
Johnny Test (Netflix)
Hannah Montana (Disney +)
The Mandalorian (Disney +)
Diary of a Future President (Disney +)
Lost in Space (Netflix)

Watch with older kids: 
Lock and Key (Netflix)
Stranger Things (Netflix)
Gilmore Girls (Netflix)
Schitts Creek (Netflix)
Modern Family (Hulu)
Glee (Netflix)
Atypical (Netflix)

Watch without Kids: 
Good Girls (Netflix)
Frankie and Grace (Netflix)
The Kominsky Method (Netflix)
Band of Brothers (HBO Now)
Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu)
Ozark (Netflix)