Live Stream Classes

Live streaming classes brought to your home and virtual workspace! Bring your whole household together for a fun, healthy, and motivational activity. Your monthly membership gives you access to unlimited classes each month!

Virtual Stretch Energy

Has being stuck at home zapped your energy? This class will bring back your pizzaz!

Light to intermediate cardio and workout routines are added to whole-body muscle and joint revitalizing stretches guaranteed to bring up your heart rate, warm your muscles, and give a great sense of accomplishment at the end of every class.

Virtual Stretch Relax

Feeling overwhelmed and tense? Our class will calm and center you!

Breath-awareness, mindfulness, and slower meaningful movements are the core foundation for creating relaxation and rejuvenation in these classes. Perfect when seeking a way to center energy and focus on a deeper sense of calm and overall wellness through an intentful body mind connection.

Virtual Posture Fix

Has quarantine got your back and neck in knots? This class will fix you right up!

Helping to break bad habits and retrain the body to hold and maintain proper posture in form and function. A focus on core strengthening and stretching to support proper posture will be emphasized as well as re-educating muscle memory to allow for proper posture and positions while engaged in active and passive life activities.

Virtual Partners Recovery Stretch

The best streaming workouts deserve the best streaming stretch

For members of our partners that offer streaming workouts. This class provides the support and recovery needed to maximize performance and get you ready for your next workout challenge! Look for your gym or trainer name next to the class that’s tailored to you! And feel free to try any of our other class offerings too!

Virtual Runners & Cycling Class

Have you been putting on more miles on your running shoes or bikes than your car during quarantine?

Have you been nursing any injuries from running or biking? Well our Livestream Running and Cycling stretches class may be EXACTLY what you are looking for. In this class, we address some of the nagging injuries associated with these activities and show you the stretches and the science behind why they happen, and how to help heal them. So that low back or hip pain you have been nursing all this time can finally get the attention it needs!  Join our classes so you can learn ways of keeping your body ready for you next big race or your solo-runs!

Virtual Golfers & Tennis Class

Are you an active golfer or tennis player?

Do you find that when you get to that back 9 of a round of 18 that your body is fatigued and sore? Do you want to get a little extra power on your tennis swing or even knock off a couple of strokes on your golf game? Well look no further! This class will give you all of the stretching and strengthening your body needs to have the stamina to last that full round of golf or match of tennis! This class focuses on the upper bodies rotational movements and also helps increase your bodies production of its natural joint oil fluid to keep your body lubricated and feeling as good on the 18th hole as it did on the 1st hole. 



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Have your laptop ready at class time to join in the fun and don’t forget to have your friends and family join you!