corporate wellness

Live 1:1 & Small Groups

Personalized guided stretches based on your individual needs. Great for individuals, groups of 5 or less, and those in the same household. Give yourself a chance to work out those knots from your day-to-day life, and recovery from your active lifestyle.  Available at your home or virtually for a reduced cost and increased safety.

Corporate Team Building

Take a long lunch or set up small groups of your staff to participate in an incredible team-building stretch session!  Perfect for getting everyone together in a fun, socially-safe, and relaxing way to unwind and recover from the stress of working at their desks all day! Available on-site or via virtual online sessions.

7 Ways Assisted Stretching Boosts Your Health Care

It’s all about recovery!


When your team members are Less Tense, Less Tight, Less Sore, and feeling Lighter & Looser, studies and common sense demonstrate that productivity, workplace-happiness, and employee satisfaction improve exponentially. 

Assisted stretching IS the recovery your team needs to be their best in work & life!

Other TVS Concierge Services:

  1. Onsite assisted stretching at your office customized for your needs
  2. Participation in Health and Wellness Fairs
  3. Workshops and presentations given by Melissa and Rob Goldring, Co-Developers.

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