Corporate Wellness


Guided Classes & Demos

Are you a local business looking to treat their employees, residents or guests to a revitalizing experience? If so, we’re here to help! The Vital Stretch offers two main group services. The first, is a guided stretch class, where one of our Vital Stretch Practitioners will walk you through a series of stretches to help you relieve stiff and sore muscles. The second, is demos, where we bring our tables and provide guests with 10-15 minute 1-on-1 assisted stretching sessions. Interested? Inquire below for availability!

Share Plans

Many of our corporate partners look to add assisted stretching to their employee wellness plans, which is why we created Share Plans. Our Share Plans come with 12 assisted stretching sessions (either 25 or 50 minute durations) that can be divided amongst employees. There is no limit to how many employees are included on the plan. Interested? Inquire below for pricing!
It’s all about recovery!
Our goal is to help people of any age, lifestyle or fitness level Move Freely and Live Fully™. Take advantage of our group offerings so your employees, residents or guests can start feeling the countless benefits that come with stretching!

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