Virtual Live 1:1 & Small Groups

Personalized guided stretches based on your individual needs. Great for individuals and those in the same household. Give yourself a chance to work out those knots from being at home…all the time!!

Virtual Corporate

Take a long lunch and participate in this awesome team building stretch session!  Perfect to get everyone together in a fun relaxing way to unwind the stress of working from home!

When your team members are Less Tense, Less Tight, Less Sore and feeling Lighter and Looser… Studies and common sense reflect that productivity and work happiness and satisfaction excel

We Provide:

  1. Onsite assisted stretching at your office customized for your needs
  2. Participation in Health and Wellness Fairs
  3. Workshops and presentations given by Melissa and Rob Goldring, Co-Developers.

or call: 203-428-4554