Boost Recovery by Adding These 4 Tools to Your Assisted Stretching Routine

June 30, 2021

Boost Recovery by Adding These 4 Tools to Your Assisted Stretching Routine


There’s nothing like a bright summer day to entice us to get outside and exercise. Whether you’re a fan of swimming, running, playing tennis, or spiking volleyballs on the beach, there are a slew of fun activities to help get your heart pumping.

While it feels fantastic to move our bodies in the warm sun, doing so without properly warming up can lead to some niggly problems. Ever felt invigorated after the first run of the season only to wake up so sore the next day that you can barely make it up the stairs? Then you know what we’re talking about.

Exercising properly is a fine art, something you should ease yourself into instead of just sprinting straight out of the gate. You want to balance the amount of working out you do with the intensity to ensure you get fit without risking injury. Exercising too hard, too fast, or too much can cause muscle tears, strains, and other annoying issues, especially if you have an underlying injury.

While using assisted stretching as the base of your wellness program is key to healing and preventing injuries, adding other tools to your routine can help boost your recovery. The good news: there are multiple recovery methods designed to help soothe sore muscles, break up tight fascia, and stimulate blood flow. And more good news: we offer four of the best recovery-based service enhancements right here at TVS. Here’s how they work:

Ergowave Massage Table While lying on this comfy table, you will feel three separate rollers travel up your spine in a wave-like pattern, targeting the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical regions. Every 13 seconds, the rollers repeat their journey to help stimulate and gently massage the back, neck, and shoulders. The result: reduced pain, fewer muscle spasms, and increased blood flow and oxygen to muscles and ligaments.

NormaTec Compression While it may look a bit alien-like, the NormaTec Compression therapy device is an excellent addition to your assisted stretching routine. These long, thigh-high “boots” use targeted and controlled air pressure to help gently squeeze the feet, calves, and thighs. The result: increased blood flow, reduced pain, and a reduction in fluid buildup. Not convinced? A study published in PLoS One found that using NormaTec boots after heavy resistance exercises reduced muscle soreness.

LightStim for Pain Another non-invasive pain treatment, LightStim uses LED light therapy to soothe sore spots (including arthritic joints), relieve aches, and boost circulation. This FDA-approved device can also shorten recovery time in terms of aches, stiffness, and overall soreness. Using this relaxing device is a safe and effective way to aid the body’s recovery process.

Hypervolt Hypervolt is having a moment. Used widely by professional athletes, these intense massage guns are the “it” item, and for good reason. Hypervolt uses percussion therapy (aka high-speed, perfectly directed jolts of pressure) through three different heads to garner the best, most targeted treatment. When used by a Certified Stretch Practitioner, this can result in increased flexibility, a boost in blood flow, relaxed fascia, and improved performance.

A recent study in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine found that just five minutes of percussive massage therapy was enough to dramatically increase range of motion after exercise without affecting muscle strength.