Need to Detox After the Holidays? Here are 5 Easy Ways to do it Naturally.

January 2, 2022

Need to Detox After the Holidays? 

Here are 5 Easy Ways to do it Naturally.


‘Twas the season to overeat, over drink, and under exercise. If you’re like most of us, you’re probably paying the price for all that festive celebrating and need a recovery routine stat!

If your pants feel tighter, your head achier, and your energy level has bottomed out, it’s time for a quick and easy intervention. Our five-step post-holiday detox program will have you feeling back to your fun, energetic, and rejuvenated self in no time. 

  1. Drink More…Water All that caffeine and alcohol will leave you dehydrated; and we know you’re aware of the negative effects of dehydration: headaches, lack of energy, confusion, sleepiness, dizziness, the list goes on and on. Water helps transport waste out of the body and increase oxygen and nutrients to cells. Combat this pesky problem by ramping up your water intake. Aim for at least four cups, but six  is even better. Another bonus of drinking more: it could help prevent heart failure, found researchers from the European Society of Cardiology.
  2. Cut Out Bad-for-You Foods While this may be easier said than done, it’s important to start saying “no” to those tasty treats you splurged on during the holidays. We’re talking eggnog, Christmas cookies, mashed potatoes, baked breads, pies, etc. You know your worst culprits! The easiest way to avoid eating these is to banish them from your kitchen or, better yet, the house. When you’re feeling the need for a snack, reach for a healthier alternative instead (hello, carrot sticks).
  3. Get Moving If you skipped a day (or five) of your exercise routine during the holidays, you’re not alone. Now that things have slowed down, though, it’s time to resume your regime and get moving – every day. Exercise has been proven to help our bodies detox by getting the heart pumping, sweating, and boosting our lung capacity. Combine your exercise with a 12-hour fast and you could improve your body’s ability to get rid of waste proteins, found a study conducted by Harvard researchers.  Since we’ve all spent too much time lying prone during the break, learn how to combat the effects of too much sitting.
  4. Take a Nap Who wouldn’t love to be ordered to sleep? Getting more sleep at night (aim for 7 to 9 hours) will improve everything from your mood to your stress level to your metabolism. Since we often sleep less during the busy holiday season, now’s the time to play catch up and catch some well-needed zzzs.
  5. Get Stretched Still feeling a bit stressed from all that time spent with family? We get it. As you well know, stress leads to a whole host of problems, including tight muscles. While it’s important to stretch daily, it can be hard to reach those niggly spots. Book an appointment with one of our Certified Stretch Practitioners to get on your way to optimal mobility today.